White #5 car

Model T based race car painted in the livery of the Marchese Rajo





        Assembly work & paint by Jim Mann Hand lettering and details by Nick Hardie.

        Model T chassis with truss bar supports

        Fronty radiator casting--recast from an original

        new radiator

        Hartford shocks all around

        Franklin center steering

        Model T Ford front & rear suspension

        Model T rear end with full floating safety hubs

        Mechanical rear brakes

        20 inch Buffalo knock off wheels

        new fuel tank in tail

        fuel pressure hand pump

        roomy cockpit


        Model T based engine

        Model A crank, full pressure oiled wet sump

        insert bearings on mains & rods

        Fronty type pan

        Model A bell housing, starter and transmission

        BB Rajo 8 spark plug head with period overhead cam set up

        Real Fronty single overhead cam drive set up

        engine short block & head work by Ron's Machine Shop in Ohio

        single overhead cam set up, machining , and assembly by Dave Szumowski

        engine has a Fronty waterpump and side drive

        intake manifold and exhaust manifold by Bob Boyce

        Winfield SR BB updraft carb


The chassis is fully assembled and ready to go. The engine would need to come out fro detailing, polishing, and final installation. The car needs fuel lines installed and gauges hooked up. The dual spark ignition needs to be installed. Tires are just rollers and would need to be replaced. There is no upholstery. The car is striking in appearance, has super rare speed components, and is period correct.