1927 Modified Model T Hillclimber

All old school parts

      Model T Block

      Gemsa Twin Overhead Cam Hemi Head

      Gemsa Cams

      Custom domed pistons

      12.75 to 1 compression ratio

      Tubular rods

      Hal side drive and water pump

      Bosch Magneto

      Model B crankshaft ground off center for a 3/8  stroke

      Dry sump oil system

      Modified Model T transmission

      Modified Warford auxiliary transmission

      Model T rear end modified with Model A gears & spool

       Only modern parts are disc brakes on rear for safety and a Tilton Super starter for convenience




Induction side

How low can you go?

Doubt all you want but it is a T transmission in front of the Warford

Inside that Model T Ruckstell housing is a 4.88 Model A ring and pinion on a spool

Our solution to get this thing to stop

The two SR Windfields & the Newport Hillclimb sticker

Inch and a half clearance under the T transmission housing

The stamping speaks for itself


For more information about this car, its trials, tribulations, and the hillclimb video

see the KING OF THE HILL NEWPORT, IN 2006 link.